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Hi, I'm Bryan.

Hi, I'm Bryan.

I’m the Founder of Maple Wealth. I started Maple Wealth in 2022 to create a unique wealth management experience for my clients. As a Financial Advisor, I help individuals, entrepreneurs, and families alleviate the stress of navigating their financial future. 

After close to a decade of experience on Wall Street, working as a Trader and Relationship Manager at UBS and BlackRock, I pivoted to working with individuals, families, and small businesses in 2015. Unable to offer my clients a truly holistic and customized approach to financial planning, I created Maple Wealth to give them what they deserve. 

Drawing from my time on Wall Street in equity trading, I seek to provide my clients with a diverse perspective on the markets and a differentiated risk management approach. With exposure to some of the top minds on Wall Street, coupled with my personalized financial consulting experience, I offer a unique approach to wealth management. 

As a husband and father, I understand what it means to lead and care for a family, financially and otherwise, both now and in the future. I take this role seriously. Both my personal experience and professional experience allow me to service my clients in a holistic way.

When I’m not analyzing portfolios and making financial plans for my clients, I’m spending time with my family. I’m a Husband, Father, Son, Friend, and Hockey Player. In my free time, I love building a backyard hockey rink every winter for my three daughters to skate their little hearts out on; vacationing in Maine, hiking in Vermont, and visiting Brooklyn for my favorite cold brew. 

A Holistic Approach To Wealth

I’m not your average Financial Advisor. This is not your run-of-the-mill financial firm. 

My goal is to educate and empower you to reach your financial goals. Our work together takes into consideration your current lifestyle, plans for retirement, children and loved ones, existing income and assets, and more. My financial advising services marry a traditional way of approaching wealth management with a more modern approach. 

▻ Your experience is tailored to your needs, wants and goals. 

▻ You will leave our meetings feeling more confident and organized.

▻ You will feel clarity and expand your knowledge base.

My goal is to better understand you and your dreams. Our work together is a collaborative experience that accounts for life’s ups and downs. Do you have wants, desires, dreams, and goals? I can help you get there.

When portfolio construction and financial planning are done well, they will empower you to take control of your life and your future. 

What Sets Me Apart



The most important component of any relationship is trust. Serving clients through Maple Wealth, there are no conflicts of interest or back door incentives. Before working together, you will have a thorough understanding of my fee structure. We are on the same side of the table.



My previous career on Wall Street and near decade as an Advisor allow me to curate a unique experience for my clients. When challenges arise, it is my duty to solve them.



I pride myself on being a trusted Advisor to my clients. I am your guide, your teammate, your partner. My clients feel confident and comfortable in their partnership with Maple Wealth.



This is not your typical advisor relationship. My service is unique, individualized, educational, informative, and time intensive. My goal is to minimize confusion and spend the time it requires to create a plan, reach your goals, and solve any problems along the way.



You will hear from me when other’s shy away. My door is always open. Whether the market is volatile and you’re feeling concerned and uneasy, or a personal matter pops up, I am here for you.

Service Offerings



Customized Portfolios

Passive and Active Strategies

Alternative Investments



Tailored Investment Tools and Advice

Comprehensive Asset Analysis

Charitable Giving Strategies



Retirement Income Strategies

Personalized Investment and Tax Management

Estate Planning Strategies

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